Suggestion: automated export of users calendars and addressbooks


I know that users can export their calendars and contacts using the gui and using shell commands like “wget” or “curl” on their client machines, for back up purpose.

But let’s be honest: who admins a NextCloud instance, where the users really do this?

Therefore I would welcome an add on, that the admin can activate that automatically would export every users calendars and contacts as “ics” and “vcf” files to the users files section once a day. These back up files could be used for further back up action and they would provide a very quick and easy way of restoring lost data, eg. if NC is still running, but the SQL data base has crashed for some reason and setting up a new DB will take some time.

Of course, this can be achieved using shell commands and scripts on the server, but some times the NC admin doesn’t have shell access to the server, just to the gui. That’s where such an add on would be very useful.

well ya… nice idea. on the one hand.
on the other hand it’s be a severe security hole. admin could read all entries of all users.

but nevertheless: try fiddling around with that one here -->

no doubt it works!

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No offense meant, but the admin can read any user’s data at any time simply by changing a user’s password and logging in as that user. That is not an argument against such an add on.

As I said: some times the admin does not have shell access to the server, so a shell script, as brilliant as it may be, can not be used.

it wasnt taken as an offense - no worries :slight_smile:

there are several ways to deal with that. one would be filing all of that into a cronjob.
another one maybe an app like occ web

so well… good luck :wink:

How do you put some command into a cron job, when you have no shell access, when you can’t ssh into the server?

oopps i missed out on that in it’s fully meaning. sorry. thought you had limited access. :blush:
in this case try occ web :wink:

or a different hoster ^^