Subscribing to a Nextcloud calendar via Webcal?

I was wondering if and how a NC calendar can be subscribed to via Webcal?

For example, I would like to share one of my Nextcloud 11 calendars with a friend so that she sees my calendar entries in her calendar app, e.g. on an iPad.

What I’ve found out so far about the calendar app:

  • There is a (new) feature to share a calendar via a public link but it doesn’t seem to be a URL in a Webcal (.ics) format that can be subscribed to.
  • It provides a feature to subscribe TO an external calendar via Webcal.

For sure, creating a user account for her on my NC installation would be an option so that I could share it with her and she could connect via CalDAV. But the calendar should be read only for externals.

As subscribing to an external calendar via Webcal from NC is available, is there also a possibility to subscribe FROM an external calendar TO a NC calendar?

On the public page of the calendar, check the settings and click on WebCal, then get the link provided. :slight_smile:

On the public page, click the settings in the lower left corner and select WebDav. That’s the WebCal link :slight_smile:

Thank you! You rock :slight_smile: