Subscribed calendars not in CalDav

I have subscribed to multiple calendars from URLs. I would like to be able to see these calendars on my phone as well. For this I use CalDav. But unfortunately no client shows me the calendars that are not self-managed. This feature should already come several times, Nextcloud 15, then 18. But now we are already at 22, do I have to activate the feature somewhere first?

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I am interested in a solution to this.
Replying to get it up in the list again…

Please name the client your are using on your phone.

On my iphone I have my calendards and the ones shared with me as well.
It works with the calendar app which is part of iOS.
I use it since the old days with own Cloud.

Hi @Skillkiller and @oerms

You both didn’t write whether you use Android or iOS. I can only speak for Android…

When you subscribe to an external calendar within Nextcloud, this calendar then appears in the WebCal tab of DAVx5. You then can activate synchronisation there (set the checkmark) and it will get displayed in all calendar apps, like all other calendars from your Nextcloud. I don’t know if this works similarly on iOS. If it dosen’t, you can always subscribe to these external calendars sperately on your phone respective in the calendar app you are using on your phone. Provided iOS or the app you are using on iOS does support WebCal subscriptions of course, which I don’t know and I cannot test myself…

About shared calendars within Nextcloud itself: As @rakekniven already said, shared calendars from other Nextcloud users have always been displayed directly in the Caldav tab in DaVx5, together with your own calendars. They are treated the same as your own calendars by DAVx5.

Yes, I forgot to specify that. I use an Android phone and have always used the OpenSync app. This app only shows calendars that you can get directly from the Nextcloud server.
I have now tried Devx5 on your recommendation and this app also shows other calendars. These are technically not loaded from the Nextcloud server but from the url which is registered in Nextcloud. For my use case this works but I still don’t understand why Nextcloud can’t deliver subscribed calendars directly?

Because it does not serve them. When it comes to scubscriptions of external calendars, Nextcloud is just a client. The server in this case is the external CalDAV server that offers the calendar you subscribed to.

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