Styles for GitHub integration are broken

The forum styles for github integration are currently broken.
See this example:

Found here: How can I edit the default ignored files list?

Thank you for this message.

Are you aware of the fact that you are referring to a picture/screenshot from 2016?

So as this is pretty outdated I’m gonna close this thread now.

I see the same when opening this thread. Seems commit links are not correctly rendered:

Ah it happens only when a line break is missing, interesting. I edited the original post, should now render correctly. Can you check @susnux ?

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yes, it does!

ok. wasn’t aware of the fact that this was an enduring forumissue… thought it was rendered just once… and not everytime you call it

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sorry mate. My bad. :frowning:

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No, it will render interactively, so when something changes on the issue, it’s also reflected on the forum.

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works :+1: