Stun Server Deployment


I have nextcloud setup and working fine with Turn Server (installed on separate VPS), now we have plan to deploy Stun server too.

Do you guys provide me procedure to deploy stun server? I have plan to deploy it on same VPS (if possible) where turn is installed.

Please advice procedure or link

Maybe I get you wrong but the “procedure” to configure STUN server is exactly the same as for TURN server - just add it to the config:

both STUN and TURN server help establish (webrtc) connections between clients in different networks. STUN server just makes some lightweight operations with low CPU and bandwidth requirements this is the reason there are free public STUN servers e.g. from Nextcloud. TURN server relays all the traffic between two clients which can consume many resources (and might become privacy issue) - for this reason there is no (I’m not aware of any) free TRUN servers.