Stuck on update process. Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later

I’ve just got the same issue updating from 23.0.5 to 24.0.1 and this hack helped to finish the update. Thanks! It’s a shame that NC devs couldn’t fix this bug for 3 years.

This worked for me. Worth noting that I did NOT have a /data/updater-xxxxx/ directory.

It is as amarus describes. And the issue is, that you need to

  • add the line after avery update in -htaccess
  • and also delete the old update folder in data.

there is no old update leftovers in my data folder… can u help?

Same for me, awesome

boosting this - this is the only thing that worked for me after every number of other steps - renaming .step files, deleting updater directory, etc. So hilarious we have to cowboy code to delete protections but… there ya go!

this worked for me

That did it for me. Thanks a bunch!

Found this thread after experiencing the same issue.

The PHP memory limit seems to be one of the major reasons why this is happening.

However, I already set this up in my .user.ini file, but it seems that on each upgrade, Nextcloud removes the .user.ini file.

Is there anyway to keep that file so we won’t run into future issues with the memory limit?

I just add the following code to setback update to step 4

if($currentStep['step'] == 5 ){
  $currentStep['state'] = "end";
  $currentStep['step'] = 4;

after the following code at line 1327

// Check if already a step is in process
$currentStep = $updater->currentStep();
$stepNumber = 0;

Worked for me. thanks!!

I found this, and it fixed the issue for me (php 8.2, Nextcloud 26.0.3 → 26.0.7):

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:repair
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar --no-interaction

Thank-you leogrande.
Link for original post:


Thanks so much, this fixed all updates from 20 to 28 on webhosting!

Danke, Thanks,
it helped me too.

This worked for me, thanks!