Stuck on update process. Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later

I’ve just got the same issue updating from 23.0.5 to 24.0.1 and this hack helped to finish the update. Thanks! It’s a shame that NC devs couldn’t fix this bug for 3 years.

This worked for me. Worth noting that I did NOT have a /data/updater-xxxxx/ directory.

It is as amarus describes. And the issue is, that you need to

  • add the line after avery update in -htaccess
  • and also delete the old update folder in data.

there is no old update leftovers in my data folder… can u help?

Same for me, awesome

boosting this - this is the only thing that worked for me after every number of other steps - renaming .step files, deleting updater directory, etc. So hilarious we have to cowboy code to delete protections but… there ya go!