Stuck in maintenance mode - please help!

Hello there, I am not a super tech user - I signed up for nextcloud thru 8 GB service they offer to get my feet wet and see how it is. I access it with address and then login with my email and password. Since yesterday it has been stuck in maintenance mode and I can’t access any of my files. Can somebody please help???

I’m sorry I don’t know the service, from your description it sounds like Nextcloud hosted by provider. Usually a user has no way to force the instance into maintenance mode… most likely something brake on providers side and most useful action would be to reach out to their support…

Ok. Yeah I think so too. I have reached out to - hopefully they can help. Thank you for your reply!

@valucreation, did you ever hear anything on this? I’m using the same instance and it appears to have been offline for a few days. I just need to grab my data off as I’m not planning on staying w this provider at this point.