Stuck at Nextcloud AIO Login, installing on WIndows 10 virtual box

Hi, I’m trying to run nextcloud aio on my PC virtual box, after updated to v4.3.4, and register my NoIP domain, now I’m at https://mydomain:8080/containers where all the containers show Running.
But when I click “open my next cloud”, it keeps showing “secure connection failed”, I checked config.php, my NoIP domain is in trusted domain list. I also added my public IP there, same issue.

When I open mydomain:8080/login, it shows Nextcloud AIO Login with message: The login is blocked since Nextcloud is running.
Please use the automatic login from your Nextcloud. I followed the link but https://mydomain:8080/settings/admin/overview also doesn’t work.

I need to access the admin dashboard, is there any quick url I can try?
Many thanks,

Hi, maybe this helpsyou to figure out what is wrong?