Stuck after Updating - How to revert?

hi guys,
so i wanted to upgrade to 13.01, the update failed. i have turned of maintenance mode and want to go back to the old working version however i cant get away from this screen:

how do i turn off the update mode? if there is a such a thing…

What is the problem during updating?
Try to delete update folder.

Afaik, down-grading to a previous version is not supported, therefore you should find out which problems are preventing a successful update.

Try finish the upgrade process with CLI tool occ.

If not, just run your backup to get back before the upgrade process since downgrade is not supported.


thank you for the help.
i manually moved the install files for v13 to the folder on the server and this time it worked.
i could not figure out why the updater got stuck at various points. (the log stopped at various “updating app XX”

solved. thanks