Stuart Langridge: strategy, synthesis, and custom development

Hi, I’m Stuart Langridge of I do strategic thinking and synthesis: pulling together web, open source, and product design to make cool things. I can understand your business, and work with both management and the dev team. I do consultancy and custom development for the web, mobile, and Ubuntu.

So, if you’re looking to bring new stuff to Nextcloud, or you want to work with someone to plan out how to build or adapt a thing, what the technology stack should look like, get someone to build it, and talk about the business model, give me a call.

I’m in Birmingham in the UK. My client list includes Opera Software, the UK Labour Party, and a bunch of others I can’t mention; I’ve got a long history in open source (see some of it on Wikipedia), and I’m a nice chap. Let me know what you’re looking for, and we’ll talk about it.

Rates are £750/day, which has been known to drop a bit when I’m working on projects which are going to end up as open source.