Struggling with my nc installation

Hello together.

My nextcloud does not run properly.
Checking my installation there are many failures, list below.
My knowledge is not sufficient to solve these problems and my system house ment, it is because we have installed it on a Hosteurope webserver.
So I would be pleased if anybody could nam me a competent person to help.
Thanks ahead.

One of my users wants to upload sets of pictures in folders but nc accepts only building a folder and then upload picture by picture, one by one.

But these are ALL the most basic and most easy little problems.
All of them are linked to the manual with step by step help how to solve.

You should realy begin to solve it step by step, until everything is solved.

If this already is too difficult, it may be the wrong hoby for you.
In addition you made it dificult to help, because you did not provide any information about the underlying server and operating system.

I could help you with every point but must start with the question, what part of the manual you did not understand?

Lets begin with the first, most important red message:

“Die PHP-Speichergrenze liegt unterhalb des empfohlenen Wertes von 512MB.”

That must be set in the php.ini of the php-sapi that talks to your webserver.

It is the value memory_limit that normaly comes with a value of 128MB. Alter it to at least 512

You have to find out yourself, what php-sapi is in use and where the php.ini is located in your case, again, because you did not fill out the support template.

So if you realy want help, you have to provide more information but I would recommend to see it as an educational path, as it is basic knowledge that is essential to run a server like Nextcloud. So NOW is the opportunity to expand your knowledge.
Start reading the manual!

Much luck,


I’ve been in IT for 45 years so hardly a hobby but I struggle sometimes. I’ve gone through games programming in 8-bit assembler through support of Windows and Linux systems, ran an IT department. Been there, got all the t-shirts.

Unless you’re seeped in LAMP etc. it’s one of the most difficult tasks one has to do :slight_smile: This evening I was trying to tweak the big file upload settings and even though it’s pretty well documented, my head was spinning with php.ini, .htaccess, .user.ini, config.php etc etc.

I decided to roll it back and have a beer.


That’s one of my favorite outcomes of the hobby.
“Eh, I didn’t really want that feature anyway.” [sip…]

Ask them to help you. If you have a host, they should be there to help you.

I installed the webserver myself in 2016, nc some time later. It was working in standard configuration but later on is was developed more and more and now it makes problems. I am able to read html, php , xml and other languages, doing windows, netware, programming and all what is necessary to run a functioning business, regardless I am a DENTAL TECHNICIAN since 52 years!

With all respect and with thanks for any advice, in my age of 70(!) there is a reason to ask for help. The advice to expand my knowledge might be a bit rough, could be I forgot more than others ever will learn.

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Thanks, I did but Hosteurope closed my request without answering.

Are you able to read the manual too? It is in plain text.

Respect my friend, we are almost the same age.

It’s a mystery to me how you could find my advice rough. I was the first and, until then, the only one who provided concrete help.
Did you find out the location of the php.ini to alter memory_limit?

I also said that I can help with every step, but that I need more information. So crying and complaining won’t help, only concrete information will.
So as I said, either you give precise information about the underlying system and answer my questions about where in the manual you can no longer follow or which steps exactly are hard to fullfill, then you will be helped or you continue feeling sorry for yourself.

Much luck,

Not until now.
Checked the nextcloud folder without results
Actually I check the complete websace and have to wait for any response.

btw, I actually am working at a different project, a really huge challenge in my business and am not able to invest the time to study this manual. For sure it is described anywhere but if you start by zero it is time consuming.


Still no Information :roll_eyes:
the support template that you greatly ignored, has some purpose!

on a normal (guessing!) ubuntu or debian system, php.ini is under


where $version is the php version you are runing and $sapi (Server-API) is either apache2 or fpm

But all this information is worth nothing, if your server is not debianoid.

You do not have to start by zero! For every problem listed in your admin page, there is a deep link pointing you exactly to that part of the manual that handles the problem and explains how to solve it.

Much luck,


In each the same comment:


system information

|Nextcloud version (eg, 26.0.1):expressionless:27.0.0|
|Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 22.04):expressionless:Linux 6.1.31-xenu-he x86_64|
|Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25):expressionless:replace me|
|PHP version (eg, 8.1):expressionless:8.2.9|
|Database (sqlite or MariaDB or Postgres)|Art: mysql Version: 8.0.34 28,2MB|

OK, that looks like a simple hosted webspace with a typical Hosteuropa xen kernel.

So, then I’m assuming that you don’t have access to the php.ini.
The memory_limit is called Speicherlimit in the webfrontend of Hosteurope. I know, that they ask extra money if you want to increase it but you could try this:
Add the value memory_limit=512M to the /.user.ini file in the webroot of your Nextcloud installation.

This is content of that little file:


and this is how it has to look after you changed it:


After you made that change, restart your webserver. The message

“Die PHP-Speichergrenze liegt unterhalb des empfohlenen Wertes von 512MB.”

should be disapeared now if you are not limited by your hoster.
If the warning remains unchanged then there is nothing I can do for you and you will have to choose another hosting plan. Maybe even a different hoster.

If you have got rid of this warning, then we can move on to the next problems, but I can tell you now already, that you will need ssh access, i.e. console access for that. So if Hosteurope doesn’t offer that either, then we don’t need to go any further. At least I can not help you in that case.

Much luck,

Unfortunately there is no change in the error list, still the same memory limit.

I worked around almost all sunday - enough now.
I tried to do a new installation but the nc is in a sub domain and I have no access to the regular webspace, it is routet to the wordpress installation. Before I destroy everything, I will let it go.

Think will look for another hoster, basta.

Ok guys, I gave it up. No solution in sight.
I moved my nextcloud from to
They offer a managed nextcloud for a fair price - and it works great
It was easy to set up but getting the data from the old one needed some time.
Until now more than satisfied.
One thing is still to do, the DNS has to be changed and I’m not sure how.
Thanks for your aid, have a nice time.