"Strict-Transport-Security" HTTP-Header ist nicht auf mindestens "15552000" Sekunden eingestellt

I have the same problem after a new nextcloud 10.0.1 installation.

I paste the following code into the nextcloud .htacces file.
# Strict-Transport-Security:

  Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15552000; includeSubDomains"

But it doesn’t work.

After that, I paste the code into the main www .htacces file. It doesn’t work too.
I use a apache 2.4 server and is restarted.

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Make sure that you have installed the mod_headers module and enabled it:
a2enmod headers

Then, can enable it directly in your vhost configuration:

thank you for info.
Now it works!

Before I have written this topic, i found these manual.

Now, I know the reason it doesn’t work.
I have forgot to paste the total code in the nextcloud.conf.

Thank you again.

Best reagards,