Streamline collaboration with the Nextcloud Exchange connector

Originally published at: Streamline collaboration with the Nextcloud Exchange connector

The Nextcloud Exchange Connector by Sendent offers a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 with Nextcloud, boosting cross-platform connectivity. Discover how this connector simplifies collaboration and empowers teams to work together with greater efficiency.

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Why integrate Exchange with Nextcloud

Ideal for hybrid environments

For teams or departments using both Microsoft and Nextcloud, seamless collaboration is now a reality, eliminating limitations imposed by separate platforms.

Automated synchronization

Effortlessly keep your Microsoft and Nextcloud Hub contacts and agendas in sync, boosting workflow efficiency and organization.

Direct file sharing

Share Nextcloud files with Outlook contacts effortlessly, streamlining collaboration and simplifying file access.

How can the Exchange connector enhance collaboration?

Nextcloud Sendent Exchange connector integration

Automated contact sync

Sync personal agendas and contacts bidirectionally with open standards like CardDav and CalDav. No need for manual copying and pasting: the connector seamlessly syncs Outlook and Nextcloud Hub, while contact files are shared directly between Nextcloud Hub and Outlook.

Convenient meeting planning

Create meetings in Outlook and see them instantly reflected in your Nextcloud calendar, and vice versa. Experience a seamless journey: sync meetings with the Exchange Connector, then join them instantly with Talk, all within Nextcloud.


A privacy-first alternative to the Office experience

When you integrate Nextcloud Hub with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365, you leverage all advantages of Nextcloud while using familiar Microsoft tools and workflows:

  • Integrated, all-in-one collaboration platform
  • Unlimited storage and any number and type of user directories
  • GDPR-certified, on-premises solution that puts you in control
  • Modular, highly customizable bundle with open API
  • Hundreds of ready apps for your ecosystem

Experience the Nextcloud Exchange connector

Nextcloud Exchange Connector is part of the Ultimate package of Nextcloud Enterprise. Contact Nextcloud sales team to learn more and request a free trial.

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