Strange thing in crating new document

Hi all
I’m deploying nextcloud 17 (using buildin sqllite db) and collabora:latest (image with build in web server) + nginx rewerse proxy + ssl certificates from lets encrypt in docker and facing strange problem

Sometimes all working as intended but sometime not. More detailed in this topic When creating new document collabore container restarts
However, yesterday I trying to fix that and face interesting results, thinking that maybe is not collabora problem and some strange happens in nextcloud

Therefore, when I creating new office document I have two ways how it works

  1. Create new document and it shows in my folder then I need to click on it to open document. In this case all working properly and my office container didn’t restarting
  2. Create new document and it immediately start to open and then I got error - Well, this is embarrassing, we cannot connect to your document. Please try again.
    In this case, I got error, my office container restarting

In both case all office document opens, I can edit it and save after it
Trying to reproduce way 1 when all working – I save all configs, settings and so on and restart my docker host, after it manual run nginx, nextcloud, collabora (with all settings and configs that I save from working set) and got same problem with restarting collabora container after creating new document …. After several restarts of nextcloud and collabora it starts working properly (did;t restart collabora container after creating new document)
So in conclusion I try to do it 10 times and 4 of 10 working properly and 6 not and I didn’t get any clue what wrong, why it sometime works and intended and sometime not

Can someone help or give a clue how I can fix that problem?