Strange behaviour after deleting files on client pc

Good day to you.

I’m having some difficulty that I cannot find a solution for.

On one PC, I have some deleted files which were deleted on the server.

However the files show up in the web-UI with an added extension (d.1654817046 as an example) and cannot be accessed through the UI.

The client is then showing an error;
Folder/filename.pdf.d1654817046: File was deleted from server (File with name root/folder/filename.pdf.d1654817046 could not be located.)

There are 13 files that were deleted on the client.

They appear in the client trash on the PC. They are not in the web-UI deleted folder.

Help please.

Thank you.


How did you delete the files through web-interface? No external storage?

The desktop client, did it show some conflict files before with this specific pdf file? This happens if a client changes the file and there were changes on the server side as well. In this case, the local changes are saved in a conflict file. You didn’t specify the version number, perhaps they changed it a bit so it is now timestamped (1654817046 looks like a unix timestamp). So even if you deleted the original file, it kept the conflict file since it not sure if you wanted to delete it as well.

Since the timestamping might be new, this could be a new behaviour and therefore deleting files is to be expected more conservative.