Strange "app-navigation" page after upgrading to Nextcloud 19

After upgrading to the latest stable release (19.0.2), I’m noticing that when I go to the root page, I see the “#app-navigation” page in a really strange way. Here’s a screenshot:

I tried to disable the “#app-navigation” thing and just revert back to the previous behaviour, which was to land on the “apps/files” URL, but could not find a way to do so.

Before filing a bug, I decided to ask here and see if anyone else is experiencing this.

Hi, you could try this:

Hm, I don’t see how this issue is related to file-locking…? Anyway, I tried the steps from the thread you linked, but the issue remains the same.

okay, strange. I’ve seen this error before and in all other cases, this fixed the error.

Same happens to me.
@szaimen steps didn’t solve it.

sorry guys… no further informations on your setup, envornment, logfiles, etc - no help possible

My setup: nextcloud 19.0.3, nginx 1.19.0, php 7.4.10, mariadb 10.5, redis 5.0, on debian 10.6. Nothing unsual or strange in logs. What should I look for?

It seems the website is not fully loaded. Perhaps you can use “Network Analysis” in the browser and find not loaded elemets. Also test another browser or deactivate browser-blocker.

Finally solved it.
It was Radio app. Just disable it and page is rendered as it should.

and this is why we always ask for as many informations as we can possibly get when someone opens a new thread.

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