Storage space (in the free version)


I am wondering - nextcloud currently says, there is no space left, but it is already filled with about 100 MB.
I just checked, the free version should be about 1GB…

Did I miss any information?


Sorry. I do not understand your posting?
Which hoster? Which space? Can you post screenshots?

Hi @k.schreiter ,

There is no limitation in the free version of nextcloud.

There can be limitation where your nextcloud instance is running.
Where did you acquire your “free version”?

Hi, thanks for your comment.
I try to give some information, i am not into all these technical stuff :see_no_evil:

As Screenshot I send the offer of and a part of the url.

I use the app at my phone and my pc.

When the message occured, I was at around 95 MB…

Thanks in advance.

adress schnipsel

Hi @k.schreiter .

When I create a new user on my test instance (self-hosted), there are about 21MB occupied with example files from Nextcloud. When I delete them, it shows “0 B used”. Maybe has loaded additional things on it like instructions or advertising…?

Do you see any folders and files when you log in?

thank you @bb77
Yeah I see this folder with the 21 MB, but it is so less space, what it needs…i mean, in compare with the 1 GB…

1 GB (Gigabyte) equals 1000 MB (Megabyte). In your case 1 GB or 1000 MB is the total space available, from which a total of 95 MB or 0.095 GB is used / occupied at the moment. 21 MB or 0.021 GB of the 95 MB are sample files from Nextcloud. The rest is either added bei or you already uploaded some files…? Regardless of this you should still have 905 MB / 0.905 GB of free storage at the moment…

Hope that helps…

In the Files App you can see how much space you are currently using on the left bottom side.
So it should tell you the exact amount there.
There is also deleted files. Probably you look into them and permenantly delete them too.
That might free up space.

Thanks you two.
Currently, it shows the two pictures, I attached: the current state, 59,1 MB and the notification, that the space is full and no data synchronization possible.

@bb77 right in this moment should be 940,9 MB left…
anzeige status quo

Sorry i do not use the free account from I do not like the host names from the free accounts.

But perhaps there are files in your trash. Please check it and delete them.
If not contact . Perhaps there is a problem with your account.

short info:
After inquiry a few months ago had informed me that for each Nextcloud a separate environment is created.

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