Storage size pie graphs?

I’m searching for a function to visually analyze used space - like WinDirStat does it within Windows - just for inside nextcloud.

I know I can sync with virtual files, but not everything is intended to be synced…

I use the command line program ncdu
(sudo) apt-get install ncdu

Mostly the problem is not only the nextcloud user data (/path/to/nextcloud/data/username) but also internal backups (/path/to/nextcloud/data/updater-***)

screenshots ncdu

function in Nextcloud:
For a single user you can sort the folders in Nextcloud for file size. For more users i use quota for each user.

sadly I’m on a hoster without command line access (yet) and occweb doesn’t seems to be up to date for nextcloud 22 yet.

I know that I could sort by size, but the nice thing with windirstat is that it shows filetypes and is more visual - by showing where specific filetypes reside in - if you have a folder with a lot of iso files and so on. (example)

For things like: “across all of your storage, most storage is for iso-files and they mostly are in this folder…”
just to determine if I need those files to be there.

I think I’ll use sync and windirstat for now then…

If you really want to control your data you need shell access.

Yes. Your are right. It would be a nice feature. But i use different Nextclouds. Self hosted and Managed Nextcloud. I think “sort by size” is a good feature. Also it would better if the data is sorted in the subdirs e.g. ISOs, …

A little bit like a local “windows cloud” :wink: But it is also a kind (but not a real) backup.