Storage Capacity Does Not Match Server Drive

I installed Nextcloud and setup DDNS to have remote access to my server. I noticed today that under my user info it is telling me I only have ~40GB of space however the disk that I set up for this is 2TB. What is the discrepancy here? When I run lsblk it shows I have only used 1% of my storage capacity on the partition. Am I missing something here? I have searched the support page but have not run into a solution for this problem. Running Ubuntu Server 20

Disk was partitioned correctly and has the file system setup as well.
Any information on this would be incredibly helpful since I have several more GB of family photos to upload and according to nextcloud I have run out of storage space.

Can you show the output of df -h? And you have the correct path to the data folder in the config/config.php of Nextcloud?

I am pretty certain that I have the correct path to the data folder.
df -h

here is a snippet from the config.php

Is it possible that I need to take the /data out of the path in the config.php?

also, a snippet of the path to the data

no solution there btw. I just edited the path without data and I’m back to the missing .ocdata error at the login page.

sorry to spam the crap out of this thread but I just tried something that might give some more info. I tried df -h again in the file path and got something very interesting.

now, why would it show that my sdb1 hdd has 1.7 TB and is mounted but df -h in the path only shows a capacity of 55g? Is this something to do with the mount point of the hdd? does the hdd itself need to be mounted at /mnt/onlinecloud? Also I only have ~ 41GB of data uploaded through Nextcloud so why would I show 51GB? is this just program files?

A solution has been found. The cause of this issue was my fstab file and the mhddfs setup. Because I was only using one drive it was not mounting the hdd to the correct location. I am not sure how I missed this on the first run but this was solved when I went through the whole installation process again. Moral here. Pay attention during setup.