Stopping sync without removing the local folder

I’m using the Windows x64 client with NC13.
I’ve been syncing successfully all my files in my Documents folder. But now I want to stop syncing one of the sub-folders. When I try to do it from the client it says that this will remove the local folder.
Is there a way to stop syncing one of the subfolders without delete the local version? I just want it to stop syncing and I don’t need the server version.



Up! I’d like an answer about that too… does anybody an idea?

Basic answer after 4+ years: They don’t know how/want to fix/change it.

Any chance the devs can fix this? From user perspective this is a serious bug!

I am again in this situation. I run out of space on my NC VPS and have moved some folders to an external storage. Now I first have to delete the config file in the NC desktop to unsync some folders to free up space

still looking to do that here as well.

What I did was to uninstall the Nextcloud client on my laptop and then reinstall it - after reinstalling you can easily choose what to sync

I also found a solution. You remove the entire sync folder. It will give you a message NO Files will be deleted. Then when you re-add, you leave out the folders you don’t want.


Thank you @mrdrew for mentioning that workaround - works like a charm.

For everyone here and anyone looking for the feature request for Nextcloud Desktop (the link above is for the request for the OwnCloud client), here is the relevant feature request:

(It currently has a title that make it seem more like a bug report)