Stopping server side scheduling

Since owncloud 9.x. I have issues using thunderbirds lightning together with the calendars. I just switched to next cloud hoping to fix the issue but no chance - still the same :(. It was working in owncloud 8.x. The problem:

Let’s assume I have 3 email addresses:

maik@private - for private use
maik@work - for work use
maik@cloudAdmin - configured in the nextcould admin interface

I have setup 2 calendars one for work, one for private use. I configure those calendars in TB/lightning choosing the corresponding e-mail addresses to be used. However, if I send invitations, those invitations are generated at the server using the “from” address “maik@cloudAdmin”.

I reported the issue in mozillas bugtrackers - as I thought it was a lightning issue first

They told me that it is a server issue :(. Thunderbird/lightning is doing the right thing if the DAV server is offering this serverside scheduling - frankly speaking … I have no clue, more or less just a user here :(.

As I got no reply on my question in the oc forums … I tried nextcloud now, but problem still persists :(.

This is probably not a configuration issue and must first be implemented, therefore it is the best to report it to the nextcloud-bugtracker as well:

Ok. I will do so, but just got a new promissing reply in mozillas bugzilla. IMHO blaming lightning for such trouble is somewhat rectified. If lightning offers such config option it should do what I configure. If that option depends on options of 3rd party software, lightning should not offer it or at least give some comment … IMHO.

I ran into the same issue. The invitation function in thunderbird/lightning is disabled with NC 11, and neither does NC send out the invitations :frowning:
Is there any documentation in NC how this feature is suppose to work if used via a caldav calendar?
have you created the bug/issue in ?