Stopping notification mails caused by sharing a file

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to deactivate the mail notification that a user is receiving when a file has been shared with him / her. Whenever a file gets shared with a user, a mail is sent as a notification and those mails can get quiet a lot, so I would like to turn them of.

I’ve been looking all over my Nextcloud and the internet for an option, but whatever I try to deactivate: The notification mails are still being sent.

I tried turning off several apps like Sharing by Mail, Activity and Notifications but it didn’t help. I’ve been searching the Nextcloud config if there is an option that can deactivate these mail, but I haven’t found anything yet.

Has anyone an idea what I can do to prevent these mails?

System settings → Notifications

However notifications are personal settings, and not centrally managed.

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Hi Kerasit,

thanks for you answer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if we’re talking about the users “Personal Settings” and the “Notification” section there, then I already tried that. Even with the option “A file or folder has been shared” deactivated, the message keeps beings sent to the user.

Any other Ideas?

Currently it’s only possible to disable this for all users via a config setting:

There’s a feature request somewhere on GitHub…

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Personal settings apply to you and only you. All the users needs to - manually - turn this off in their own personal settings.

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Turns out this is exactly what I needed.
Works as intended. I had actually used this option yesterday already, but I probably had a typing error somewhere. In my case it’s not a big problem that this is turned off for all users since I host my Nextcloud for my own private use and some friend. Sharing files just completely trashed ones private mailbox, so I wanted to turn it off for the others.

Thank you very much!