STOP using keychain to store nextcloud instance credentials on macOS client

well… I don’t know what you expect here?

I mean you’re free to get your opinion out - what you did. But without any further reasons and reasoning? It’s just a random saying. :man_shrugging:


Yes I fully expect that the developer who decided to upload to iCloud everyone’s nextcloud passwords may have not had any second thoughts on the matter.

The greatest aspect of open source is open discussion

sure. but without any explanatory statements there simply can’t be any discussion. That’s why I was wondering

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keep it simple, code it clean, don’t cut corners
Coding on hostile closed source platforms should not require an explanation to those which this message is immediately apparent.

Don’t expect a discussion in this case if you’re not ready for it


For Mac users the iCloud is not mandatory. Where is the issue?
You talk about “passwords” (plural)? I am sure you use a app passwort for each device and session. So if you use the client there is one password in the keychain.


Glad it’s being looked at, I’m quite confident storing nextcloud server credentials in the Apple Keychain under any circumstances is not compatible with the Nextcloud mission.

If only Google was a little less evil…

Didn’t wrote that, sorry.

Why not storing passwords using the systems mechanism? Mostly better then doing some obscure security yourself.

btw. your issue at GitHub has no technical information and you ignored the template.
It will be closed in it’s current state.

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I’ve been looking at it for quite a while, and now others are aware.
Yes it’s being looked at!
Have a lovely holidays everyone!

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To paraphrase:
You guys run across stupid statements like Trump’s “I’m a stable genius” but dealing with Nextcloud credentials in macOS keychain - without any proof whatsoever! - ignore it…
'nuff said!

Did I miss something or did someone disputed the mac desktop client (and possibly the ios client) place passwords and server addresses into the Apple keychain, subject to Apple’s policy whims?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggested users change their passwords after the mechanism has been replaced down the road.

Why do you even use macOS, if you don’t trust it? If opensource and privacy is all that important to you, and it sure is to me, use an opensource OS! Problem solved! :slight_smile:


This has nothing to do with what’s right for me, but rather what is right for Nextcloud. No one forced Nextcloud to develop a solution to send Apple user data.

Please see my previous posting. No Mac OS user is forced to use iCloud.

Do not enable iCloud. Please provide technical information at your issue.


I am not a psychiatrist, otherwise it’s working as intended

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