Stop nextcloud/nextcloudpi from listening and responding to all domains/subdomains

I have a subdomain set up and it works great on that but it is also responding to all other subdomains and the main domain. I’ve tried to follow other threads on this but I cant get it working, I see vhost but I have no idea what to do from there, any help is appreciated.

I don’t think that is an Nextcloud issue. If all subdomains and the main domain point to your IP address means the DNS service of your domain reseller does that.

If you have several services running behind your router you should set up virtual hosts/a reverse proxy

thanks for the input, I believe it is an issue with nextcloud, as no other apache/Nginx services I have used do this when configured correctly, It looks like nextcloud already has virtual hosts set up but I’m not sure if they are configured correctly. Any help with setting up the virtual hosts or a reverse proxy so that this doesn’t happen would be appreciated.