Steps to update to MYSQL 8

My hosting provider now provides support for mysql 8. Can someone provide steps to upgrade from mysql 5.7 to 8? I’m just technical enough to keep my Nextcloud instance running and updated but not a hardcore techy so detailed steps would be appreciated.


first, i would say, if you ask for help, at least fill up the support form.

My Chrystal ball is dead, I don’t even know what autocensure here system you use !!!

Second, do you have ssh access, root privilege …

May be this is your answer !!! Ask your provider.

Again, three years ago i posted a message about lazy people asking for help and not even given the smallest clue about their system… Nothing has change !!!

You want help, deserve it.

I can deal with the hosting provider side of things. My question is what needs to be done on the Nextcloud side? I assume there is some form of configuration within Nextcloud that needs to be done?

And as always, a derogatory attitude to users who are perhaps not that technical but want to use Nextcloud

I’m not a pro in mysql but from my feeling there is no upgrade path. Most likely the easiest way is to

  • start maintenance mode
  • backup old mysql5.7 DB (mysqldump)
  • restore to the new instance
  • change config.php
  • finally end maintenance mode and test

depending on your system exact step are special. great source of education is the admin manual:

all the steps you need are described there - you need to combine them in a right way. Basically what you need is “migrate” without moving data and apps, just change the database…

Thanks. A much more helpful reply. My rear question is what to change in Nextcloud so is it limited to the dB name and db user name /pw in config.php?

Is Nextcloud well tested/proven with MYSQL8

MySQL 8.0+ or MariaDB 10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5 (recommended)