Step by step instructions with pictures

How can I request a feature?

Is it possible to add step by step with pictures and description?

I think this should be possible. Please have a look on the Github repository and verify if a similar request has already been opened before posting a new one :wink:

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Yeah, just open an issue, @bope. We are always looking for feedback from new users to see the points that are not intuitive.

The best would be if you could write a few sentences on what exactly you would like to have documented.

Thank you!


unfortunately, I did not see any issue opened by you or with the request for a step-by-step instruction. If you are not feeling fluent enough to open a feature request, you can as well describe here a bit more detailed what you would like to have.

I reread the post and must admit that I might have jumped to conclusions. Are you really talking about documentation or about a step-by-step guide on how to cook a certain recipe?

Please elaborate a bit.

Thank you very much