Step after trusted doamin

Hello ,

I have installed next cloud It is up running with no problem. I have tried to access it on my local network with a different IP. It did not work. I added it to the trusted domain and it worked. Next i need to log in now is where i am stuck. What do i use as my credentials. I have nextcloud running on the loopback and it has several users. When I try to access it from a different ip , even through it is in the trusted domain it seems like there are no users associated with that IP. Is this a correct assumption?
Please help.

It’s not recommended to access it by IP instead of by name as this is known to cause problems in various circumstances.

Users are not associated to particular listening interfaces on the server.

As far as your login credentials… That’s not really information anyone else can provide. You can reset your account with occ if needed. See

Hey so i was wondering how do i add a trusted domain? I looked online and at other forums and you simplely go to the config.php and add the ip/domain. For me it is not working. Please help.

Hey KarlF12 ,

I was wondering how do I add a trusted domain?

If you search the documentation for trusted_domains you can find it. You can add it by hand, or using occ (safer method because it prevents wrong syntax and typos).

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