Stay tuned: more announcements tomorrow

Hi all!

I know the last week has been very Nextcloud-heavy, with us even mentioned in Der Spiegel, Politico and many other major news outlets. It’s no surprise, as a lot is happening - Luxembourg deploying Nextcloud, the German government coalition dedicating themselves to bringing more digital sovereignty to Germany and of course the anti-trust case.

But, tomorrow, 1PM Berlin time, we have 2 more announcements for you - big ones! They will be announced live on YouTube. So - book some time in your calendar and be there tomorrow! After the announcements we will do a live Q&A with Frank and myself - ask your questions in the YouTube chat or here below and we’ll answer them.

See you tomorrow!


Nextcloud supports Oauth access tokens that allow it to be used as authentication for other services… this currently grants full access to the server afaik. Oauth itself is built around scoped access, which allows tokens to be restricted for specific uses. See the options available when generating Slack Oauth tokens as an example

Is Scoped Access for Nextcloud Oauth tokens being considered as a road map item For future development? See this stale github request for additional context. Thanks!

Is it planned to improve the Photo App and do real a Google Photo alternative in Nextcloud for the browser and mobil client?