State of app development?

I’ve started having a look at developing a Nextcloud app but the programming style makes it looks like it’s from the 90s with services/mapper/entity/queryBuilder, etc, very heavy OOP with ton of duplication when you want to add any service or controller, and lots of magical behaviour. You basically never know when something is going to work or not. Just keep trying and maybe your service will be magically auto-detected at some point.

Then I’ve tried asking for help on the dev forum but got no answer and I’ve noticed that there are only a few posts, many with no answers. In general searching online for a solution to a problem leads nowhere.

So app development in Nextcloud is neither very appealing (old school and heavy OOP), nor well supported. I’m wondering is it still something that Nextcloud is interested in? Or is it somewhat being deprecated in a favour of a new, perhaps more modern, solution?

Feel free to share the issues you were running into. This might help others to start with app development :wink: Beside the developer documentation the official apps are always worth a look.

I don’t know yet what is wrong with OOP but your suggestions are welcome. If you have specific ideas for the AppFramework please create a enhancement issue over here:

Just asking: Why not addressing this more pro-actively on a track of your own or with others at the next dev conf of NC at Berlin next year?

That’s as good point - I’m planning to attend a Nextcloud conf at some point so I’ll bring up the issue then.

In the meantime I’m considering creating a web app for Joplin as a Nextcloud app, and while the Nextcloud project seems very active, the “app” part not so much.

I’m not having a sense that there’s a big community of developers around this, or even if the “app” part will be around 5 years from now, or if it will redesigned to something else.

The current app framework seems heavy with a high learning curve, while it feels like a lighter wrapper around Nextcloud core would be more welcome, but maybe I just don’t understand it.

Anyway I guess I’m trying to assess if it makes sense to invest (a lot) of time in Nextcloud app development or if I should look for alternative solutions.

They also do hackathons throughout the year. However starters should have some helping hand without or before attending such an event. You can try using IRC to ask them about your problem or hinting to your questions here, since the forum is rarely used by developers.

@jospoortvliet: You have an idea how to improve the support for developers? Should we keep this category in this forum or redirect directly to IRC (forum has the advantage that others benefit as well from their questions/answers).

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