Start in "all inboxes" instead "priority inbox"

I start the app over the main navigation in the header. The link is https:///nextcloud/apps/mail/
Then the app opens in the priority inbox folder/view.

Is it possible to change this? It would be nice to start direct in the folder “all inboxes”.


It’s a sub-request of So no, that is not possible right now.

I’d really prefer to turn this feature off. It’s the only reason I am unable to use the mail client in Nextcloud. I fully support your interests as a project maintainer. How can I express my gratitude for your work, appreciate your work with priority inbox, but also express that I, along with others, do not wish to be required to interact with this feature? All I’d like to ask for is a checkbox in the settings menu to turn it off. That one small change would immediately allow me to appreciate and enjoy the rest of your hard work on what is, apart from priority inbox, a wonderful project.

To shed more light on where myself and others are coming from, the reason I don’t want this feature has nothing to do with your implementation, which I’m sure is wonderful! Many people including myself just simply do not want this feature in general on a fundamental level. This feature takes control away from the user and forces them into an opinionated and controversial workflow by default.

I read through the github issue and see that it is locked. What I didn’t see is a ticket that represents the work to allow users to disable this feature. Can you point me in the direction of the issue that represents implementing the ability to turn off priority inbox?

In the spirit of open source, I’d love to lend a hand.

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Thanks! Hidden in plain sight :man_facepalming: