Start docker engine at startup aio windows without logon

Nextcloud AIO v7.6.2 installed on windows 10 following La tua guida a Nextcloud All-in-One su Windows 10 e 11! - Nextcloud

This is the second installation on the same machine make on September 2023

It works, but unlike the previous installation I haven’t found a way to start docker engine automatically when the machine boots.

Previously I used windows task scheduler to launch “C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Docker Desktop.exe”

Now it’s no longer possible. Some processors labeled docker start but not the docker engine.

Main Question:
What other system do users of aio windows use to automatically start it at startup without logging in?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

I think this is rather a windows question how to start programs without login…

Yes, you’re right, and I apologize for going off topic.
The goal was to share this problem with other NextCloud users who, like me, have chosen the simple way with aio via windows.
I’m also looking for support for Windows.
I really appreciate the nextcloud project and all those projects that can give us “personal” tools for our needs.

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