Stackfield Integration

Hallo zusammen,

ich weiß nicht, ob ich mit meinem Anliegen hier richtig bin.
Wir nutzen die Projektmanagement-Plattform “Stackfield” aus München. Stackfield bietet die Möglichkeit Dateien aus Filehosting-Dienste wie z.B. OneDrive, GoogleDrive und Dropbox zu integrieren (Neue Integration auf Stackfield: Hallo Dropbox – Teil 1). Laut Stackfield wurde bereits bei Nextcloud angefragt, ob die Möglichkeit einer Integrationserweiterung. Besteht die Möglichkeit seitens Nextcloud hier aktiv zu werden, bzw. wo kann ich mein Anliegen bei Nextcloud einsteuern?

Vielen Dank! Gruß Christian

Hello there,
it is possible to create such an integration. I recommend you to look at our tutorials (Develop for Nextcloud), the developer documentation ( and find some integrations in the app store ( that are similar to what you would like to do, to use them as an example code.

If you have questions you can ask them in the developer section of this forum (💻 Development - Nextcloud community)

edit: and I also highly recommend to start with something stupidly simple, maybe “just” implement a smart picker provider for your integration or a dashboard widget (see the tutorials), upload it to the app store, and then build it up from there. If you’re too ambitious from the start on, you might get frustrated, so I always recommend to take it step by step

Hello Daphne,

Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, I am not a developer myself and have no way to do this myself. Is it possible to commission such a development? The Dropbox integration could be used as a basis, couldn’t it? (GitHub - nextcloud/integration_dropbox: 🧊 Dropbox integration into Nextcloud)

Unfortunately not, you’ll have to find someone to do this, maybe you can find someone on the freelance forum (💸 Nextcloud freelancing - Nextcloud community)