Sso + ldap (azure)

Hello, I am continuing with my project:

Architecture in GPC:

*CloudStorage(Compatibility with s3)+file versions.

  • Dedicated Redis
    *Nginx + phpFPM (Kubernets) one cluster 4 pods(testing)
    *Postresql 14
    *OnlyofficeDocs (It was impossible for me to use collabora, if I used this Cloudstorage)
    *daily active users 600
    *infrequent file consultation users: 3000
    *load balancer +cloud armor

Total data to migrate via rclone through webdav (270TB)

plesk for test (ubuntu+docker+snap) — 18 8Cpus 32GBram

So far I have been passing the data with some parameters to avoid the timeout in nginx, I still have problems with 25GB files sometimes returning a 500 error, I have disabled redis to avoid the lockfile (while copy these files) I have also disabled Imaginary

The system has been behaving great, even though I am copying from another machine via rclone.

The only thing I have not been able to get the LDAP backend and SSO to work properly.

I can authenticate to microsoft azure through SSO, I can also authenticate with LDAP to my azure replica.

But both backends create different profiles (Same home for the files), making that despite being the same user, it shows different files.

Any suggestions?