SSL Certificate not working


I am running NextCloud as a Snap instance on my Elementary OS machine.
I am having great difficulty getting the SSL to work properly.

I have custom certificates from my web hosting provider (generated via AutoSSL). What they provide me with is:

  • The main certificate
  • The Private Key
  • The CA Bundle

From what I can learn from various support articles, I need the certificate, private key and the certificate chain in order to get the SSL working properly. However despite all my best efforts, I can’t work out how to use the 3 pieces of the puzzle I’ve been provided to create the required “chain” file.

I keep hitting this same issue every 3 months when a new certificate is issued.

Can someone please help advise me on how I’m supposed to do this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There’s a much easier way - use the Snap’s built-in support for LE certificates including let it handle renewal:

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Using the cert file as chain works fine. But remember, you need to have 3 pem seperate file. Chain file can contain the certificate values.

Refer here → Using your own SSL certs in snap · Issue #199 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap (