Ssdnodes VPS Hosting and Video Transcoding Terms and Conditions

I’m interested to know if any community members are hosting their nextcloud installation with ssdnodes?

They have a clause in their T&Cs which concerns me a little.

Multimedia Transcoding: The use of multimedia transcoding applications is in direct violation of this AUP and shall trigger the
Methods of Resolution under this AUP as set forth below in Table A

Would the playback of video files and the use of the talk app video conferencing etc be in violation of their terms?


Their terms are focused on the transcoding of Plex and other video servers, not chat apps. You won’t get in trouble for using Talk. [They] do this because of overselling their servers. Agreed this T&C is totally stupid.

Main issue with this provider is that their servers heavily oversold (slow) and they do not offer any sort of dedicated resources. Also, the only help they offer is via tickets, which take a day for a response.

If all of that sounds fine, they are super cheap. I recommend them for running a lot of small services, but expect bare minimum everything.

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