SQLite - is it really that bad?

If you read the manuals and forums the one opinion: for other purposes than testing with only one single user, do not use SQLite, but use MySQL instead. Period.

I was wondering… is it really that bad? What about rather small installations? Let’s say a family using team calendars and mails: is MySQL really required at this point? For performance reasons?

What are your experiences?

No, is not so bad.
But… install with sqlite and testing, when u see

Yes it is bad, don’t use it. Even with a single user you will run into database locked issues and it will be slow as hell once you use anything that syncs

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For this purpose, and primary to testing , i installed on j1900,4G ram, ssd
hiawatha webserver, nc 9.0.50, php 7.0.7 fpm with opcache, sqlite3 3.13, cache apcu in config.php
4 users with sync client, 150G of data

Speed is look good.

How to test, with what scenario, to find problem with speed?

Anything that concurrently accesses the database database because sqlite locks the database each time. Like I said, speed is an issue but so is stability. I’ve seen countless users running into database locked issues, so really, don’t use it :wink:

Thanks for clarifying this :slight_smile:

In suscribed scenario, 4 client at once syncing, and speed is ok.
Now, when all 4 client sync is completed, is so many chances to problem
And with 150G of data.

I found some issue with syncing on client.