SQL Backend & Joomla!

I try to provide some kind of single-sign-on experience for my Nextcloud and Joomla users. Nextcloud is able to read out all users from the Joomla users SQL table, but I am not able to login with a joomla user to Nextcloud.

I made some tests with a mockup joomla user database and it turns out that “plain text” passwords seem to work. So to me it looks like that the used password hash method is not compatible with Joomla. I tried

Joomla MD5 (as this was an obvious choice to try) and
Blowfish (because I read it somewhere)

none of them are working.

Versions: Nextcloud 19.0.2
Joomla: 3.9.23

Any help appreciated

I personally don’t use Joomla but I can imagine that an external program, like Nextcloud, could have problems when directly accessing password data. Therefore I would recommend to reconfigure Joomla so that it acts as an OAuth2 server and then let Nextcloud connect to it by using Oauth2 authentication. This is e.g. provided by the Social Login app.

BTW, the other way round would also possible, because Nextcloud can act as an Oauth2 server out of the box. You would only have to find an Oauth2 client plugin for Joomla :wink:

Thanks for your answer. How would I enable oauth2 server functionality in Joomla? Is there an extension available?


Follow the link in my posting or ask aunt G. for help :wink:

Thanks (sorry, should have read your answer more carefully). I managed to setup OAuth server and social login app, but only get the following error after authenticating on the Joomla login page:

Provider API returned an unexpected response.

there is no entry in the log file (at least not visible in the Nextcloud GUI, even when I select all type of log file entries).

Any hint how to troubleshoot?


Unfortunately you only provided a shortened log message which doesn’t provide further information which might help to narrow down the problem. Perhaps the following issue tickets gives you an idea how a detailed problem report should look like and how ta problem can be troubleshooted.