"SpreedMe" vs. "Spreed video calls"?

I’ve just implemented SpreedMe. Wow. The devs have done brilliant work. This is Killer! Thanks!

I’m somewhat confused: There are two Spreed apps in the store. I had initially and inadvertently installed “Spreed video calls” in the midst of setting up SpreedMe. I soon realised my error and dumped it before installing the latter. So, what’s the difference between the two? Why do 2 seemingly similar apps exist? Enlightenment would be appreciated

I don’t like the SpreedMe app. I only use the Spreed video calls app :slight_smile:

In the SpreedMe app you can chat, send files etc etc…

In Spreed video calls app you can only use video calls.

The reason why I don’t like the SpreedMe app is because I don’t like the interface.

Thank-you, Poisony. Your comments and subsequent discoveries have cleared this up. My greatest concern was whether or not the two apps would conflict. I assume that they don’t. Is this a correct assumption?

  • Personally, I don’t give a Rat’s Butt about an interface if the functionality is as as great as something like SpreedMe provides :wink:

Spreed is an official app from nextcloud team, who use the same protocols than spreed.me, ie stun/turn. But, for the moment, it doesn’t work in TURN mode beacause the settings panel is buged. Spreed.me is an app from another team https://www.spreed.me, who works great on nextcloud but a little complicate to activate. You can use both (I do this, but spreed doesn’t work in TURN mode), without problem. The purpose of official spreed is to propose a all-in-one solution without external service.

Spreed.ME requires you to install another software (Spreed WebRTC). This will most likely not work if you run on a shared host. Spreed.ME has a lot of features besides plain audio & video conferencing, e.g. chat, screensharing, presentations, etc.

Spreed video calls on the other hand should work right out of the box. It currently only has support for audio & video conferences.

None of the apps use "external server/services". Spreed.ME only requires the additional software "Spreed WebRTC", which is not hosted by anyone but yourself.

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Just want to add to what’s already been said: SpreedMe also supports screen sharing, which is great. Putting the UI aside, this feature may be compelling enough to consider SpreedMe.

Does any of those spreed* apps support standard voip clients? Doesn’t matter - audio only or audio/video?
I like cloud apps wich can be used as servers for typical desktop clients

@andrkac unfortunately not. The Spreed* apps use WebRTC with a custom signaling “protocol” (not defined in any RFC). You will not be able to connect apps which do not implement that specific protocol.
There is a dedicated Desktop client and mobile client available for the Spreed.ME bundle: https://www.spreed.me/download/

I saw spreed.me client already. And I don’t like it.
To be honest, my main goal is to set up simple sip/whatever server (no external connections, no other domains, no advanced telephony management, just call and answer) and use it with standard desktop/mobile/hardware clients (please don’t ask why :slight_smile: ).
It will be great to have that integrated with nextcloud.


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Thanks for the clarification.
Using nextcloud 10, I installed the docker of Spreed WebRTC and then the Spreed.me App for nextcloud 10.
How do I get rid of these things (correctly and completely uninstalling it), so that afterwards I can upgrade
to nextcloud 11 and just uniquely use the Spreed*-Apps that are integrated into nextcloud11 now?
I want to avoid external (not integrated in nc11) stuff and I want to avoid docker images as much as I can.

@softize simply remove the Docker container and the Spreed.ME Nextcloud app?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve.
But I don’t know how. Installing this WebRTC thing was my first experience with docker ever.

Is there any good turorial for WebRTC installation? Spreed video calls is working fine, but I’d like to try the other.