Spreed update for NC 14?


What, if any, plans are there for upgrading Spreed.me for use with NC 14? This is a critical path app for us as we haven’t had success getting Talk to work properly yet, and it seems Spreed.me has a number of features that Talk doesn’t? (Rooms, screen sharing, comprehensive user settings, temporary invitations, etc.?) It seems Talk can’t work for one of our primary requirements: potential customer “virtual tours” using temporary invitations, video chat, text chat, and screen sharing.

Nextcloud is truly a game-changing platform! I really hope WebRTC will get more attention, as this is a primary distinctive feature for NC.

Thanks for all of your work and support!!

“The Nextcloud Spreed.ME app and the underlying spreed-webrtc server will no longer be maintained and have been replaced by the Nextcloud Talk app.”

Thanks Soko!

Somehow missed that thread explaining dropping Spreed.me for Talk. I was kind of afraid that might be what was going on. Hopefully it will be better for all in the long run.

Will have to test Talk on NC 14 and see if it will be possible to get it working properly, and then track if/when missing features will be added. Spreed will be sorely missed in the meantime - it has served us very well, so thanks to all who made it possible.

And, best of luck and many thanks to the folks working on Talk! Seems to me that with the right feature set it could become a “killer” app, freeing many folks from the privacy and cross-platform issues with the proprietary alternatives.