Spreed.me user not sync with nextcloud

I have an issue with spreed.me app integrated in nextcloud:

  • When i use firefox browser (vers. 52.0) and launch spreed.me app the user that appear is not the same logged in nexcloud…if i click the nextcloud icon (left bottom of the page) the user reload and synch with nexcloud.
  • When i use chrome browser (vers. 57.0.2987.98 (64-bit) and launch spreed.me app the user that appears is always "me"
    and i cannot configure the user detail. This issue remain the same even if i relog from nextcloud.
    All other functionalities of spreed.me work correctly.
    Could you help me?

What tutorial did you follow to install Spreed.Me?

I followed this tutorial:

What backend are you using?

  • Docker
  • Standalone

Describe your nextcloud host,

  • VPS
  • (Local) VM

My guess is that there are some translation issues between information on the network, or maybe a latency issue.
Are you using SSL with WebRTC?

I use the standalone version, os is ubuntu 16.04 LTS, host is a raspberry pi3, i use ssl for webrtc connections and for web access in nextcloud (https).
The issue appear for all type of connection: from lan network and from internet.

Can’t really tell.
The info is too generic, i’ve seen that behavior but it was only a fraction of a second once loggin in.
So i guess its because of the speed of the connection between servers.

BTW, i used the docker WebRTC container to setup Spreed.Me, you might wanna give it a chance and see if something changes.

For me also user name “ME” shows up a short time. After ~1 second my actual user name appears. Does the correct user name appear for other participants in the room? If yes I would just ignore it, as it is just a visual issue on your side and “ME” is still correct as it is really “you” there :smiley:.

Thanks Ark74 and Michalng,
Other users logged see the user “me” as “user x”, where “x” increase of 1 each time the user re-log in spreed-me.
I have tried from different version of chrome and from different OS (win, linux, android), but the issue in chrome is always the same: Any user that log in spreedme appears with name “me” and inconsistent config detail.
If a user log from firefox, about 1-2 seconds after login, or clicking the spreeedme icon, the user “re-connect” and appears with the correct name.
I think that the problem is in a wrong config of apache, but i cannot see where is the error…
I can paste my configs file if needed…
Next days will try spreedme install with docker container…

I believe that the brainpower of a Pi is also something to take into account.

Nextcloud with SpreedMe starts to quire resources like speed clock and memory, it’s video what we are talking about. But i’m just guessing.
Have fun.

I also use a Pi 2 where video calls even with high video quality work totally fine. Didn’t try with more than 2 participants though. So that shouldn’t be the problem if there are not several other services running beside.