Spreed.ME available as app for mobile devices?


do you know if it possible to use Spreed.ME as an app on my mobile devices (Android, iOS)?

Kind regards

Hum, it seems that a “Webinar” application exist on the google playstore :

But i don’t know if it’s exactly the same…

On the site there is mention for Android and IOS but not downloadable (empty)

Spreed.ME has an iOS App (Link above), but unfortunatley there is no android app currently, but you can use the Browser on your device :slight_smile: @NielsMache

The Webinar for Android and iOS uses our old spreed.com service which doesn’t use WebRTC (but Flash).

Spreed.ME is available for iOS and allows to connect to an ownCloud/Nextcloud installation if the Spreed.ME Nextcloud app is installed.
On Android you don’t need a special app, as your browser already supports WebRTC.