Spreed.me and Nextcloud on UBUNTU with NGINX

Hi there.

My nextcloud server is running fine and i have installed collabora with Docker.

Now i wish to install spreed.me.

I have installed the webrtc Server with the UBUNTU Packages.

After that i configure the NGNINX Server and conifgure the Nextcloud Apps.
Now, when i start the Spreed App in Nextcloud i see only the Banner from Nextcloud.

My logfile from NGINX show the following error:
2016/09/01 15:03:15 [error] 5536#5536: *28 open() “/var/www/testcloud/webrtc/static/ver=0280/js/libs/require/require.js” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: testcloud.company.de, request: “GET /webrtc/static/ver=0280/js/libs/require/require.js HTTP/1.1”, host: “testcloud.company.de

In my web Root Directory i created a Link to the /usr/share/spreed-webrtc-server/www
But where comes the “ver=0280” ???

Can anybody help?


Hi @hermann1514,

in case you haven’t already done so, please follow the installation steps at https://github.com/strukturag/nextcloud-spreedme#installation--setup-of-this-app.

For your nginx configuration, see this tutorial: https://github.com/strukturag/nextcloud-spreedme/blob/master/doc/example-config-nginx.md#how-to-run-spreed-webrtc-with-nginx-in-subpath

It looks like you are trying to serve Spreed WebRTC’s www/ directory directly from nginx. This will not work.
Spreed WebRTC’s www/ directory has to be served by Spreed WebRTC.

User request (Browser) <–> nginx <–> Spreed WebRTC