[Spreadsheet] How to fully load it once and for all?

I need to scroll up and down in a spreadsheet often. The below-the-view content does not load until I scroll down. And when I scroll back up, the previously loaded content somehow has to be loaded again.

That’s inefficient and time-consuming. I do not want to wait for content loading every time I scroll up or down. Can we load a spreadsheet once and for all?

Which Office app with which backend do you use?


Hi. I’m not sure how to describe that. It’s a spreadsheet like Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

In the toolbar, when I click HelpAbout, I get this popup:

I didn’t necessarily mean the question that way. I wanted to know whether it is the “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server” app (richdocumentscode) or a stand alone server.

However, “Slow Proxy” is an indication to me that it could be the built in code server. Btw: the actual version comes already with :wink:

That is a nice toy to test but not particularly powerful. If you want to really power use, you should set up another server, a current operating system on it (Ubuntu LTS or so) and then install the coolwsd package:
Set up certificates for SSL, make accessible from the web, etc. If its the first time, you will need some time to read all manuals and how tos. You must configure some files (/etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml), the server does not forgive any errors in this regard.

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