Speicherplatz Freigeben / ?Empty Freespace? (Windows Client Problem?)


I got problems with the feature “empty freespace/speicherplatz freigeben”.

Windows Nexcloud Client

I’m in the directory that is synced
Download/Sync a file or put a file their (doesn’t matter)

Want to “empty freespace” (if that is translated correctly)
I get visual feedback (something is working), but the file is still locally storaged, thats what I don’t want.

I double checked it with Powershell:

$sum = (Get-ChildItem -Path I:\Nextcloud_test -Force -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum).Sum
“Folder Size: $sum Bytes”
‘Folder Size: {0:n2} MiB’ -f ($sum/1MB)

After “empty freespace” the foldersize is still the same.

Has someone an idea how to fix that?
Best regards Chris

Nothing need to be fixed.
Read that wrong.
Filesize stays the same but there is another parameter:

Filesize on medium (under Filesize on Windows > right click on file)
And that actually shows the correct filesize and that really works.


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