Speed and Permissions Issues with Talk

Hi there,

we are running nextCloud 15. There are two issues with Talk that I do not know how to resolve:

  1. We have a user group that is pretty large (~800 users). Sometimes, some member of this group try to start a conversation with this group, so everyone gets a push notification. Is it possible to disallow people to start a conversation? I couldn’t find any permissions / settings page for talk in general.

  2. We tried to do a talk video chat with ~10 people and it got pretty unstable, especially for people with <16mbits internet speed. With Adobe Connect, everything worked fine. Is there any way to fasten this up / make it more stable? I couldn’t find anything on this issue.

Thank you so much for your help!

You should look for our Nextcloud Talk High Performance Back-end as described in: https://nextcloud.com/talk/
That should solve your 2. point quite good.
As for question 1: we surely can get that feature in, if you sign a subscription with your 800+ users :wink:
Just contact our sales for a quote: https://nextcloud.com/enterprise/buy/