Sorting Memories Album by date


I’m using Memories Album. When I select Sort by date I would like that the App sorts the album using the EXIF metadata of the photos, not using the creation date of the album. Isn’t right?..

Thank you in advance

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Hi @galeo

Do you mean the sorting of the albums themselves? If so, I’m not sure how useful that would be, since each album can contain photos from different time periods. I mean, in which order should the albums be sorted when the creation dates of photos in different albums overlap?

If you’re talking about the sorting of the photos inside of an album, you could open an issue / feature request here: Issues · pulsejet/memories · GitHub

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In Les Pas, albums are sorted by the EXIF date of the latest photo in each of them.

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Fair enough, so I guess it could make sense adding this as an additional sorting option then…

Either way, if a certain feature is missing in an app and you want to let the developers know that you would like to have that feature, the best thing to do is to open a feature request in the issue tracker of the respective app.

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Hi, I have same problem I’m doing migration, so I need albums to be sorted by date of latest photo inside the album. I started new topic here: Memories - how to change album date
Anyway I’ve found this one later. Maybe somebady knows how to modify it manually ? Where are album data stored ?

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Maybe it’s been added since this topic was active, but it does seem to be possible to change the sort order, including to sort by date (oldest first/newest first).

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 12.05.38 PM

There seem to be a bunch of requests on github for making albums more delightful to use. I can see albums being a really amazing place for communities to spend time that want to share and enjoy photos together. :star_struck:

In particular, really like the idea of having nested albums. This is sort of how collections work in lightroom which I’ve always enjoyed, because it lets you get organized.

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