Sorting listview by columns

One nice feature would be to have all listviews sortable. Clicking on the columns name sorts the view in this columns alphabetical order. Another click reverses the order. Just like it’s done in this news forum. I’m missing the feature most in the admins users view. To have kind of a filter per column would be little over the top - but also nice :slight_smile:


Clearly, we would benefit of some reusable components to create table views like in Files easily.

However also the Files view just reads everything at once, it’s not suitable for a lot of data. Also some data sources may not allow sorting (LDAP with Paged Results e.g.).

So is this simply not possible or would it be best as a separate app?

If I understand everything correctly we are talking about the feature to sort a spreadsheet area with columns
A | B | C | D
electively by values in Colum A of B or C or D. Currently it seems that in onlyoffice sort for area always will be done for the most left column, and selecting single column area and extend sort is not an option, because sort area will not only be extended to “all culumns”, but also to "all rows (including table heading), what will destroy the table.

Is there any solution, workaround, …