Sorting files and folders

hi, and happy new year to all

somehow, folders and files are not sorted together - they are divided into two sortings without me asking: first, the list of the folders sorted by name, second, files, sorted by name.

How could we sort them by name, without distinction of type?
(as they are well sorted by size, regardless of the type)

Thanks !
hope you can help :crossed_fingers:

(does one know why they are sorted by name like this in the first place?)

file managers often sort folders apart of the files and show files after the folders list. Windows Explorer does it this way, totalcmd does it… likely Nextcloud adopts this sorting approach to make WebUI similar to local view

thanks @wwe
i guess i have good reasons not to use windows then ^^

my question is how to change this in nextcloud? there must be a setting somewhere … do you know it?

to be honest, this doesnt make any sens to me. in my situation, i have a long folder of folders and files well organised by date:
2022 12 24
2023 01 03

this sorting breaks it all because of microsoft ^^ ha ha i wasnt expecting microsoft to be here today :joy: !! i recommand nextcloud to change his references ^^ ha ha !

have a good day and a good year

Unfortunately that’s not possible in Nextcloud, at least I don’t know about any user facing setting in order to change that behavior.

As @wwe said, the most widely used file manager, Windows Explorer, also does it that way. In other file managers like Gnome Files (Nautilus) or the Finder on macOS, there is a setting to change that behavior and sorting without distinguishing between files and folders is afaik even the default setting in these particular file managers

I think it would be nice in general if there were a few more options in the Nextcloud WebUI to sort files. Maybe you can check the issues on GitHub and open a feature request if there isn’t one already.


I use a similar structure to sort folders and files by date. I think actual the only solution is to use only folders and put the single file in a new folder. Normally i have got more than one file at one day (e.g. pictures).

@devnull thanks for your suggestion