Something is limiting free space

running nextcloud inside a docker container or raspberry pi 4,
/var/www mounted to /disk/nextcloud.
/disk is mounted hdd with 1 tb

And nextcloud says that it is out of free space after i uploaded 1 gb of files. It is not a problem with alllowed space bc i uploaded as admin and have unlimited space and It is not a problem with hdd being full bc it is literally empty and i can scp huge file into it.
There is also this thing inside server settings in web gui and it drives me crazy
wtf is used space, it doesn’t change when i upload/delete files as well as free space

sudo lsblk -f
└─sda1      ntfs         New Volume 7C7C5ED27C5E86B4        928.5G     0% /disk

sudo df /disk
Filesystem     1K-blocks    Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1      976760828 3174140 973586688   1% /disk

As far as i know docker doesn’t limit the space inside the container, so what limits it?
oh yeah, and when i scp’d said file into /disk/nextcloud/data/admin/files this web gui showed me negative free space

Am I dumb and doing something completely wrong or is there a “limit disk usage” option i didn’t find?

ok, I formatted my drive to ext4 and everything seems to work now