Something has broke my NC17 installation :(


Latest NC17.0.1, Ubuntu 18.04, Php 7.2, latest MacOS Client 2.6.1, 300Gb of files.

The client is not able to sync just a few files, I can upload with the web interface, download, etc, but the client fails, the error is ‘Connection Closed’. No errors in the nextcloud.log, no errors in apache log.

The log of one of the file (“sheet.xls”) in the client shows this:

OCC::PropagateItemJob::scheduleSelfOrChild Starting INSTRUCTION_CONFLICT propagation of “sheet.xls” by OCC::PropagateDownloadFile(0x60000029e4c0)
[OCC::AccessManager::createRequest 2 “” “” has X-Request-ID “dda14e9b-0575-4cb1-83ea-702eb826dd61”
[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start OCC::GETFileJob created for “” + “/sheet.xls” “OCC::PropagateDownloadFile”

[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::slotFinished request finished
[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished QNetworkReply::RemoteHostClosedError “Conexión cerrada” QVariant(int, 200)
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid “Conexión cerrada”
[OCC::SyncJournalDb::setErrorBlacklistEntry Setting blacklist entry for “sheet.xls” 1 “Conexión cerrada” 1574276247 25 1572535222 “e713ebdd2d2fe3c51e85aea28c71226a” “” 0
[OCC::PropagateItemJob::done Could not complete propagation of “sheet.xls” by OCC::PropagateDownloadFile(0x6000002b2920) with status 2 and error: “Conexión cerrada”
[OCC::SocketListener::sendMessage Sending SocketAPI message --> “STATUS:SYNC:/Users/user” to SocketApiSocket(0x600003d44d20)
[OCC::SocketListener::sendMessage Sending SocketAPI message --> “STATUS:SYNC:/Users/aruiz/Cloud/PRG/Modine” to SocketApiSocket(0x600003d44d20)
[OCC::ActivityWidget::slotItemCompleted Item “sheet.xls” retrieved resulted in “Conexión cerrada”
[OCC::ActivityWidget::slotItemCompleted Item “sheet.xls” retrieved resulted in error “Conexión cerrada”
[OCC::ActivityListModel::addErrorToActivityList Error successfully added to the notification list: “Conexión cerrada”

Any idea?

Is this a new or existing setup of MacOS client v2.6.1?

Existing. Anyway I’ve deleted the client, reinstall, same problem.

I have another Mac also with v2.6.1 and with the same account/server apperars to run fine so it seems a problem related to that specific client. Tomorrow I’ll check if this second Mac works inside the same lan than the other because I’m testing it now from home.

It’s rare because I’ve been running that NC instance for years with the same configuration and this problem is from just a few days ago, no changes in server or lan configuration.

Seems something about the 2.6.1 client. Downgrade to 2.6.0 and all works ok again.